Michelin XZU S Wide Base Tires

Commercial Truck/Bus. Medium-Duty Truck All-Position Radial Wide Base tire with High Carrying Capacity Designed for Exceptional Tread life in High Urban Applications, such as Waste Vehicles.


  • Aggressive tread design
  • Wide, deep circumferential grooves and minimized bridging between tread elements
  • Four-belt design featuring full-width elastic protector ply
  • Rectangular bead bundle
  • Tread volume and application specific compounds for scrub resistance
  • Thicker rubber and aggressive shoulder design


  • For excellent traction in soft soil and mud
  • Excellent wet traction throughout the tread life
  • Great resistance to shocks, bruising and penetrations
  • Stabilizes the entire bead region and minimizes fatigue in order to help extend casing life
  • Significant increase in treadlife
  • Sidewall and shoulder protection


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